INDIEGOGO! Update on WW shipments of ZeTime Regular, Petite and More

INDIEGOGO UPDATE! Update on WW shipments of ZeTime Regular, Petite and More

Dear Backers,

We hope you are doing well.

First of all, we would like to reassure you and tell you that we have carefully read all your different comments, posts and messages over the past few weeks on any kind of topics such as shipment status or tracking inquiries… and that we have taken all necessary measures in order to address them as best as we can. But obviously we haven’t reached perfection in the eyes of some of you and we will provide below some clarifications.

As of this morning, more than 21,000 Kickstarter backers have received their ZeTime and shared with us their feedback, unboxing photos and videos, outfit matching scenery and many more… This is by far the most rewarding present for us, and there isn’t a single day in the week that makes us regret what we have achieved together with you and this amazing community.

As much as we understand your impatience in getting your ZeTime in hands, we’re asking for your understanding while putting in place the right logistic process in place to get your parcel delivered in a timely manner.

ZeTime Regular shipments

As we speak:

All orders have been produced and dispatched to our main warehouses

Considering some challenges faced with some of our Kickstarter deliveries – mainly due to local customs regulations – we’ve decided not use local post services but instead, courier services to ensure smooth, fast and accurate deliveries during X’Mas holidays

All tracking numbers will be provided around December 15th

Trust us, our goal is to make sure the majority of you will receive your pledge during X’Mas holidays!

ZeTime Petite coming shipments

The production is now almost finished and we are going to speed up the process to dispatch these goods to our hubs with the target to deliver most countries during the holidays.

Amazon, and retail shops

We’ve noticed this topic is still being discussed online. For that reason, we would like to remind you that the ZeTime limited units available on Amazon, or retail stores do not come in premium packaging but in a regular acrylic retail box, no free band(s). Colors and combination are restricted to 11 SKUs. Last but not least, production of those units took place after our Indiegogo batches and most of them are promoted to a regular MSRP which is 20% more expensive than IGG perks.

Exclusive discount

Due to the delays described above, we’ve decided to offer to all Indiegogo backers who have placed an order before November 1st 2017 a 20% off voucher on all items available on This offer will be sent to you around mid-December and available until December 31st 2018. Please note that you will receive the discount code on the same email address you used to back us on Indiegogo.

ZeTime customer support

Now, it is important for us to clarify how to properly use our ticketing system for Customer Care inquiries. If you have special inquiry regarding your order or shipment status, we ask you to use our official online form. Again, in order to handle your case in the quickest and most efficient way, this will be the sole and only channel to contact our customer care team.

We are sincerely grateful for your understanding, patience and contribution and we’d like to thank you again for that,

The MyKronoz Team


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