We're experiencing delay in Apple validation for our new iOS build. The team is working on it, I'll update the message when the build will be effectively live!

Dear friends,

Our team worked hard over the last few days to release new versions of our Mobile Apps and ZeTime Firmware.

Today we’re publishing new builds for both iOS and Android Apps as well Firmware version 1.7 (build 2)

In order to benefit from the latest improvements, we recommend you to first install the new Apps before proceeding to firmware update.

In these new versions we have focused on the listed points below:

  • Improving watch calibration accuracy
  • Updating Apps user interface on selected screens (reminders, goals settings, profile pages…)
  • Improving Bluetooth stability
  • Improving notifications including Gmail on Android
  • Fixing watch screen time out setting issue
  • Improving our « new firmware » detection process
  • Improving Watch Faces Creator experience
  • Fixing Calendar synchronisation on Android
  • Improving Touch Screen calibration
  • Improved step counting algorithm

This is the first step, but not a little one toward our conquest to bring ZeTime to better stability and better experience for all our users.

There will be following improvements along the way, and I’ll make sure to keep you all up to date on our progresses.

Apps and firmware are in their rollout process as we speak so might not be immediately available on your local App Stores.

Stay tuned, it’s coming!


On behalf of the Development Team


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