Category page: News

Category page: News

Upgrading the User Manual to version 1.03

What is better in the user's manual of hybrid smart watches ZeTime? Only small changes.

MyKronoz opens a help center for owners of smart watches ZeTime

From a post on Facebook, it follows that the MyKronoz team has stopped responding to all messages from Kickstarter, a group on Facebook and personal messages from Facebook.

Comments are now available!

I'm glad to inform you that we opened comments to the posts. They are available on every page (well, almost).

New page of our site: Custom watchfaces

We are announcing a new page on our website, to accommodate all of our users' own watchfaces.

Published the first user manual for smart watches ZeTime

Colorful, but some solutions cause a feeling that there are flaws, and from them the developers are reinsured.

Started sending ZeTime watches to addressees

We all waited and this day has come! MyKronoz in the update #33 for Kickstarter notifies us that the sending of hybrid smart ZeTime watches to the addressees started.

One more... A little detail...

In update #9 from Indiegogo there was a small paragraph at the end of the letter.

Fresh news about the smart watch ZeTime

The MyKronoz team in Update #9 sends interesting news about the improvement of the software of hybrid smart watches ZeTime and optimization of UX.

Shipping address lockdown BackerKit survey from Indiegogo

Good news for those who pre-ordered and supported ZeTime on Indiegogo.

Dates of delivery of hybrid smart watches ZeTime

The guys from MyKronoz did a great job. Such smart watches the world has not yet seen. Of the last live streams it is clear that technically the clock is completely ready, in the hardware part of the changes it is no longer assumed. In the soft part, the guys asked for a small delay, for modification and polishing.

Watch collections of ZeTime

Just see a ZeTime watch collections.

ZeTime User interface and Mobile App

First version of ZeTime interface I find on kickstarter project page.

Everyday wearable hybrid smartwatches

Express your style with ZeTime. Whether you prefer the sports attitude of a silicon band or the classiness of leather or metal, never miss an opportunity to be yourself. Pick the watch face and band that best fit your style!

Zetime story from Kickstarter

Proudly designed in Switzerland, the perfect always-on smartwatch blending classic design and smart features at an affordable price

Differences in perks pre-order ZeTime on Indiegogo

In dealing with a good friend, I realized that the perks system that is used on indiegogo for pre-ordering is a bit incomprehensible. I will describe briefly all the perks that are presented there. Basically, there is a breakdown into the Regular and Petite versions, or both. Delivering will first ZeTime Regular in October, then ZeTime Petite in December. In addition to perk in the last paragraph. About it is further below.

ZeTime pre-order on the INDIEGOGO crowdfunding site (You can still to ORDER ZETIME)

Hello everyone! Since our site is new, I want to write about everything and at once, BUT! As pre-order of insanely cool hybrid smart watches ZeTime still works, what news should and must be written first.

Hybrid smart watch Zetime - specifications

Material: Stainless steel watch case, Chrome mechanical hands Bluetooth: Low Energy 4.2 Watch bands width: Regular 22mm

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