Boris Brault talks about the current state of affairs with the delivery of ZeTime

Boris Brault talks about the current state of affairs with the delivery of ZeTime

The head of the company MyKronoz talks about the delivery of hybrid smart watches ZeTime, that they had to find compromises in connection with Hurricane Irma and about the speedy delivery of ZeTime to the addressees.

It’s going to be ZeTime to track

Dear Kickstarter Backers,

Hope you are all doing well :) Some of you probably think that we haven’t read your daily comments on shipping status and tracking numbers. Well guess what, although we were facing some logistic challenges, we’ve taken the time to review everyone’s thoughts and opinions - and by the way we are super grateful to those of you - in fact the majority of you - who have given us their full support. This simply gave us that extra boost needed to overcome the obstacles, and make it happen.

Since we’ve been transparent from the first day of our campaign, now more than ever it’s ZeTime to tell you the truth…

We’ve hardly pushed our production lines to start assembling some of the very first quantities of ZeTime since August.

We’ve put continuous pressure on them to manufacture the full quantity of our Kickstarter campaign in order to ship all your orders at once, thereby ensuring that we’ll all treat you equally.

On September 30th, our team has reached an amazing milestone by consolidating more than 118 pallets shipped from China to Hong Kong right before the Golden Week and until then, we were quite confident in our ability to send all your tracking numbers on October 13th the latest!


However, despite having the goods on hands in our Hong Kong warehouse, we had faced some unexpected difficulties… why? and which ones?

Well, logistics remains one challenge - among others - for our young yet fast-growing company which is used to deal with only 40 distributors located in 40 different countries, right? This time, we had to arrange more than 25.000 individual parcels, with 5 types of different cartons sizes and weights in more than 100 countries!

So where are we now? Almost there… we only need few days to keep our initial promise ! How ? Again, to be transparent, we have sent more than 45 pallets to our hub in Luxembourg so almost all our European backers should now be able to get their parcels’ tracking numbers on their BackerKit profile ! Feel free to check it out ;) To be more precise, it means the goods for our EU backers will leave our Luxembourg warehouse from next Monday and some of you will receive their parcels within next week :-)))

How about the rest of the World ? You surely remember that we initially planned to ship all the North and South America from Miami, right ? When we were almost ready to arrange 40 pallets to our Florida warehouse, we were forced to change our plan in the aftermaths of Hurricane Irma, which affected our facility with major flooding and power outages. These problems have significantly delayed our regular shipments - not ZeTime-related - in Americas, hence why we needed to find a plan B.

So our top management has decided to invest more money by re-opening all the pallets and arranging individual shipments from our Hong Kong hub to the rest of the World. This decision was made, once again, to keep our initial promise and try our best to stick to our original schedule. The process of issuing all the tracking numbers for our US + Rest of the world backers will start from Monday October 16th.

So, please continue to trust us: today, we got the confirmation from our different operators that all the tracking numbers will be fully sent out by Friday October 20th.

As stated earlier in this update, some of you will be lucky to receive their ZeTime before October 20th… however, our US backers will probably get them from October 26th. We are pushing our local logistic partners to secure a full delivery of the goods before November 1st.

As you clearly understand, MyKronoz team has not taken the easiest neither the cheapest decision to keep your trust and support. All our team share the same level of disappointments and frustration towards this logistic headache. However, we continue to work hard and smile everyday while reading your positive and supportive comments, discovering all your creativity about your coming ZeTime and we do believe that most of You will be extremely satisfied by our fantastic hybrid smartwatch.

What we are sure of, is that we will continue to write an amazing journey together…

#ZeTimeHasCome and it is only a matter of a few days!!!

Thanks for your incredible trust and your continuous support…

Boris & his MyKronoz Gang


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