ZeTime: the world’s first hybrid smartwatch combining mechanical hands with a full round color touchscreen. Using groundbreaking technology to mount watch hands through the center of the high-resolution TFT color display, ZeTime blends the classic design of a traditional timepiece with the most advanced features of a smartwatch.

With its classic mechanical watch hands, powered by patented Smart Movement technology, ZeTime will automatically update the time according to your location and will work up to 30 days on a single charge.

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Unpacking accessories and the first opinion about MyKronoz ZeTime

New video on the channel - unpacked a few straps for hybrid smart watches ZeTime and first impressions of using them for a couple of weeks.

Unboxing hybrid smartwatch ZeTime

Unboxing hybrid smartwatch ZeTime

Hot news 2018

Well, I can say that I was finally delivered ZeTime! Soon there will be new interesting information and posts!

INDIEGOGO! Update on WW shipments of ZeTime Regular, Petite and More

First of all, we would like to reassure you and tell you that we have carefully read all your different comments, posts and messages over the past few weeks on any kind of topics such as shipment status or tracking inquiries… and that we have taken all necessary measures in order to address them as best as we can. But obviously we haven’t reached perfection in the eyes of some of you and we will provide below some clarifications.


We're experiencing delay in Apple validation for our new iOS build. The team is working on it, I'll update the message when the build will be effectively live!

Boris Brault talks about the current state of affairs with the delivery of ZeTime

The head of the company MyKronoz talks about the delivery of hybrid smart watches ZeTime, that they had to find compromises in connection with Hurricane Irma and about the speedy delivery of ZeTime to the addressees.

MyKronoz releases the How To series for the hybrid ZeTime smart watch on YouTube

Short videos about how to use a smart ZeTime watch.

Upgrading the User Manual to version 1.03

What is better in the user's manual of hybrid smart watches ZeTime? Only small changes.

MyKronoz opens a help center for owners of smart watches ZeTime

From a post on Facebook, it follows that the MyKronoz team has stopped responding to all messages from Kickstarter, a group on Facebook and personal messages from Facebook.

Comments are now available!

I'm glad to inform you that we opened comments to the posts. They are available on every page (well, almost).

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